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Your Phone Number ~ Website Address (URL)

Why Is It Beneficial To Me ?

A website is most likely your most productive marketing tool for your personal and business use.

It's your electronic brochure, or what I like to call your invisible salesperson, 24/7, 365.

A Website Provides
( Unlimited Text, Full Color Pictures, Even Audio / Video is Utilized )
Like producing your own TV type ads.

A Website tells your story, and informs your visitors why they should consider you for business, and buy the products, services and items you offer for sale.
The public expects businesses to have and promote using a website.

A Website expands advertisements ... exponentially !

Phone numbers in your Ad's invite voice contact.

PNW's Web Address invites ad readers to:
Read, See, Learn, Listen, View, Decide, Contact You.

 The public wanted quick burgers years ago, and they got it with Fast Food Establishments.
Now the public wants business and product information quickly and are looking to the web for this information. offers website address (URL) subscriptions that represent your unique phone number.

Typical Phone Number As Published for 100 years.
In USA and Canada

1 (715) 555-2676

  • Phone numbers in advertisements have been a great tool for communicating (voice only) for Businesses and Home use for over 100 years.
  • Phone numbers are seen in most all advertising media such as,
    ... Newspapers
    ... Yellow Pages
    ... For Rent Signs
    ... Business Cards
    ... Real-estate Signs
    ... Auto & Truck Signs
    ... TV and RADIO Ad's
    ... Road Side - For Sale Signs
    ... Classifieds and Display Ads
    ... Highway Signs and Bill Boards
    ... Novelty Items, T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers
    ... Invoices, letters, envelopes, and postcards
    ... And Many Other Types Of Advertising Media

The Phone number is the unique link between
the buyer and the seller,
the customer and the business.
( 8 to 10 hours Daily )




Now Any Phone Number In USA and Canada
Can Be Published As A Website Address

Phone number and Website Address all in ONE !

Now Your
Phone Number Works
Harder by utilizing the extended information capabilities of the Website, 24/7 ... 365

Anywhere your phone number is in print or advertised now,
it can be printed as a Website Address to benefit you with a tremendous
Advertising Advantage.

When Using a  Web Address 
in advertising, it offers your readers the
Option To:

  Call ( Phone Number  )
... To Talk, Ask Questions, Prices etc. ( Limited daytime hours )
AND / OR  
  Surf ( Phone Number Website Address )
... To Read, View, Listen, Watch, Learn, Find Answers, Place Order, Email, FAX, Call and so much more 24/7. ( Unlimited Info )

Plain Number ... to ... Website Number

1 (763) 717-2222 Now Advertised As

(  Text Only  ) .............. (  Text, Pictures, Audio, Video  )

Imagine where ever you print or publish your phone number,
it can NOW BE PRINTED as a
Phone Number / Web Address
Magnifying and Enhancing
Your Business Ad's and/or Your Personal For Sale Ad's

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