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 What Can This Do For Me ?
Make Money !

A Phone Number Works Website Address has unlimited ways to benefit you.

  • Personal or Home use, to promote items for sale, or services you offer.
    I'm sure you have always included your phone number in your printed advertisements.  When selling a car, or boat, or puppies, your classified ad only has about 20 to 25 words to describe your item for sale.
  • Every household, and business has items that could be sold, but very hard to describe in a few words. 
  • How do you describe a
    Boombox - Furniture - Arrow heads - Telephone Sys. - Lamp Set - Dolls - Stereo - Clothes - Lamp - Book Shelf - Bed Room Set - Office Desk - etc. 
    Words just don't do it. But pictures / videos Would !

    Now, you can utilize a webpage, consisting of unlimited text for descriptions, full size color pictures, even voice and video to help you sell anything.  Imagine your webpage includes color pictures and even a video of the puppies or kittens you have for sale. 

    20 word classified ad is ok, BUT now the PNW web address in your classified ad links to your web page with full text, color, and even audio and video presentations to help you sell most anything and for the top price. People seeing your web ad when you are sleeping, will be contacting you ready to buy at your price.  They know, others are looking also.

    Your PNW webpage can have as many forsale items as you want. In the paper, you might have a classifed ad in the auto section, also the pets section, and furniture section, all at the same time. AD lookers see an item, but don't need, but sure might tell a friend who is in need of it.  Word passes quickly via phone calls, and emails.

    Your web page would have all the contact info buyers would need. Best time to call you, email address, FAX, cell, and of course your phone number. 
    Example: ( Motorcycle for sale ) 

  • Business can use to promote your services and or products for sale. Unlimited ways to list and promote products using a shopping cart.  Full color and extended descriptions to help renting or selling. Utilize auto (voice), and video. Item pictures are worth a thouand words, a video is worth many more words.
    Take orders, receive payments etc., build mailing list etc.
    Example:  (

    So, your 20 word classified ad, or yellow page ad, or highway sign, or vehicle sign, or yardsign, your business card, all show your PNW web address to give them the option to call you, or surf to see so much more in full color and extended details. 

    Truly a breakthrough in Advertising

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