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Your Phone Number ~ Website Address (URL)

Who Can Use This URL ?
Anybody ! - Home and Business

URL is a website address.  ( Uniform Resourse Locator ) to be exact.

Every website / webpage on the world wide web, (internet) has an exact address to it's location on a server computer. 

Just like every home and business in the world has a unique address, so you can visit them, or send a letter to them. 

Letter ... you write address on it, drop in mail box.  It is delivered.
Website ... write the address in a browser, click enter ... It is delivered.

Just as anyone can write a letter to any address in the world, like wise anyone can subscribe to a PNW's web address, and then anyone in the world can find your website.  Seen in your advertisements, and also found through searching on search engines.

We all see more and more businesses publishing a website to enhance their sales and promotions and also bottom line. The general public looks at websites for information about the business and the products and services it provides.  Hours of operation, full contact info, and address, maps, etc. Website is a great way to promote and educate your potential customers in advance of their doing business with you.  Take orders 24-7, not only during opening hours of 9 to 5. 

 Now, PNW's offers this unique website address
to anyone who has a phone number.

Subscribe to your Address Today,
and put your number to Work for all Tomorrow$ !

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Your area code + .com + Your Number

Phone Number and Website Address in ONE ! 

 Landline, Cell, Toll-Free Phone numbers are subscribed as a URL, hence linked to the powerful display capabilities of the website.

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